2017 predictions

National League Division Winners

East: #Nats 

Central: Cubs

West: Giants

WC: Pirates & Dodgers

Dodgers beat Pirates

#Nats beat Giants

Cubs beat Dodgers

#Nats beat Cubs

American League Division Winners

East: Boston

Central: Tigers

West: Astros

WC: Mariners/Yankees

Mariners beat Yankees

Boston beats Mariners

Houston beats Tigers

Boston beats Astros

World Series: #Nats beat Boston

Champions: #Nats 


The #Nats 2016 postseason starts tomorrow against Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers. And now the fun begins. Will this be a beginning to remember? That we don’t know. But we can make a difference by cheering and supporting our team when going to games. Anthony Rendon was quoted as saying the team feels when the crowd is into the games both home and on the road. So hopefully this will be a October to remember. 

Let’s go back to the last time #Nats were in the postseason. Their last glimmer of hope was a Game 4 on the road in 2014 in San Francisco. They had just got done beating Madison Bumgarner in game 3 in San Fran. Doug Foster pitched amazing. It was up to Gio to take control of the series. Well. Did he? Not really. However he did pitch well enough (seems like we always say that) to keep #Nats close. In fact we all were amazed when Bryce Harper hit a game tieing solo dong into McCovey Cove. Then we all watched in bewilderment when Matt Williams ultimately shat himself by not putting in Tyler Clippard(#Nats only AllStar that year) instead using a rookie Aaron Barrett who couldn’t even throw a strike. In fact he air mailed a ball to back stop to get an out and idk much more after that other than instead of bringing the #Nats back to DC for a game 5 the #Nats were kicked out of the playoffs. That sliver of hope was the last piece of championship pie we’ve had until tomorrow that is. And I’ll leave how I feel about this teams chances with a quote from a famous writer himself. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax.

#TheRallyMullets #Nats predictions for 2016

Let me start of by giving my 2016 predictions for the mlb. Then I’ll go into the #Nats season individually. 
AL playoffs

Division winners


Kansas City





WC round:Anaheim over Minnesota

Toronto over Anaheim 

Houston over Kansas City

Toronto over Houston 

National league playoffs 

Division winners







Pirates over Arizona

#Nats over Pittsburgh  

Chicago over LA

#Nats over Chicago 

World Series 

#Nats over Toronto 
Now here’s my #Nats predictions individual for 2016. 
Let’s remember last year the #Nats were in first place at the Allstar game by 2 games. This being managed poorly. The #Nats second half of season derailed quickly as the players couldn’t find anything to rally behind a manager who was hard to rally around to begin with. With Matt Williams clumsily misusing the bullpen and bunting in wrong situations, giving away outs, when guys should be driving them in.  it was hard to even watch sometimes the screw ups the players had to overcome. Not this year tho. Dusty Bakers philosophy of stealing bases getting more than just a couple runs mentality and letting pitching having to pitch not to have pressure on their backs will turn this season around as quick as a heartbeat. They aren’t projected to win the World Series by everybody like last year. Literally every writer picked them to win. That’s ridiculous. Now #Nats r flying under radar. The curly W will be put in the books many games this year. I’m projecting 99 wins. Best in NL. THEY WILL TAKE DOWN the Pittsburgh Pirates. They will take down the Chicago Cubs. And they will take down the Toronto Bluejays to win the World Series trophy. U can #RallyMulletApprove that my #Nats friends! 

Couple key notes on players. 

Rendon will make Allstar game after last season injury riddled campaign. He’s too good a batter not to when healthy put up great to super numbers. He was 5th in mvp votes for a reason. He and Harper are the youth along with others like MAT, trea Turner and Gioloto who will push the #Nats to the ultimate. When they are given the chance. You will see a whole new #Nats movement propel them to capture the elusive crowning achievement of a World Series that Dusty Baker so desperately is seeking.  

So long D. 

So it’s official. Denard Span is officially not a #Nat. He most recently signed with the SF Giants. Thus ends his tenure in CF for the Nationals. So I wanted to pay tribute to him by writing this blog. Here are just a few things I’ll never forget on the time he spent in DC. 
1. During #Nats fest while standing in line for a picture with Screech. Denard walked by with then manager Matt Williams. I was able to turn around and he graciously gave me a fist bump. 

2. During BP Denard caught a ball hit out to CF. turned around and tossed us a ball. It was the first ball hit out into the OF. 

3. During a meet and greet with Denard he shook our hands and introduced himself. When he came to me he said hi I’m Denard Span. I said hi. I’m #TheRallyMullet. He said. Ya I know who you are. And then signed my mullet helmet. I about lost it. Lol. 

4.  During a game Denard was playing toss in between innings. He turned into the stands and threw me a ball. I then gave that ball to a young man. 

It’s sad to know he’s gone. But I understand why things happen in baseball. In any case. Good luck D!

The #RendGnome Game

On August 25th the #Nats gave away a gnome that looked like Anthony Rendon. Me and @danbostonboy went to that game. Here is the recap of the 8-3 #CurlyW the #Nats had over the Padres. 

We got there early  then headed into #Nats Park to watch the #Nats take BP and get the RendGnome. There were more than the usual amount of fans there bc of the RendGnome. Lots of kids. We went to center field and cheered on as #Nats players took BP. A back up catcher for the #Nats would turn around and throw a ball into the crowd every once in a while which was nice. The highlight was when Michael A. Taylor was up. He hit 2 Homeruns directly where we were standing. It was crazy. 2 blasts to right center field. I tried to catch both but since there was hardly any space it was difficult to maneuver around. I jumped for both and almost had them. So close. One of the Homeruns landed a row behind me so I grabbed for it. When I got my hands on it another kid had his hands on it as well. I didn’t realize at first it was a kid so when I had it in my hands I made sure to give the kid the ball. In any case looking back I really wish I could of caught it out of the air but like I said it was difficult having no space and bumping into other fans. 

After BP we then went down and sat at our seats 3rd baseline front row. Screech came by and I had asked him to sign my helmet but unfortunately I forgot my marker in the car. So instead I took this pic with him.  

 I have much respect for Screech and the guy who runs his Twitter account. They do a fine outstanding #RallyMulletApproved job IMHO. 

The game started and the #Nats were down 2-0. Then The Buffalo hit a game tying 2 run Homerun. I brought signs to cheer on the #Nats but #Nats park now has rules when u can hold up the signs. The usher told me u can only hold up signs in between innings. Seriously. They warned me they would take my signs away if I kept holding them up during the game. I know there are rules and stuff but this is completely not #RallyMulletApproved. As a die hard fan I want to cheer loud and proud. But #Nats Park rules are appeasing to the casual fan who comes to a game to sit and watch. Why on earth would u go to a game and literally just sit there? And then when something good happens u get pissed bc fans are cheering with signs? This makes no sense to me but it is what it is. And I don’t like it. 

Apparently when Rendon got up the first time during the game I was shown on TV. People tweeted me and friends texted me saying they saw me on TV. That was cool of MASN. I most definitely #RallyMulletApprove that. 

After #Nats tied the game 2-2, they would take the lead 3-2 on a Escobarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr double which scored Anthony Rendon from first! That was awesome. Then they added another run to make it 4-2 on a Desmond double that scored HARPERRRR after he led off inning with a double. The best part of game was when Ryan Zimmerman hit a grand slam to give the #Nats a 8-2 lead. The game would end 8-3 and overall it was a success. #Nats won. I got my RendGnome. Span played. I got on TV. I got a pic with Screech. And a pic of the RendGnome.  


Harrisburg Senators Game

this is a story all about how me and @danbostonboy were able to score a super cool Bobblehead. The Bobblehead being the Harrisburg senators Anthony Rendon with the mullet Bobblehead.  

Now normally I wouldn’t go to great lengths to get these sort of things but knowing it was a Anthony Rendon Bobblehead beforehand I made sure I high tailed my ass up to Harrisburg for this event. 
It started out like this.
We got to Metro Bank Stadium on City Island at 2:30. Game didn’t start TIL 6:00. Gates opened up at 4:30 however. so we had some time to kill before hand.  we had some brews and decided to commence a power hour. This was a great idea. By 3:30 we were both pretty cranked and decided to head to the gates early to get in line. We saw the lines weren’t that long so we decided to take turns in the batting cages they have before u get into the stadium. This was an awesome idea. 12 pitches later at 55 mph and worth every penny of the $2 it cost and I was pumped to watch the Senators play. We got in line. About 50 ppl were there by 4:00. The line grew to about 200 by gates opening. The excitement was building by the minute. Finally the gates opened and we were able to get the Bobblehead. I was super happy to run into the mascot Rascal of the Senators. He is a weird combination of half clown half may fly. But he’s awesome nonetheless. And wears the same number as me.  

   Opening the Bobblehead  was pretty much the highlight of the day. Bc once I did I saw this.  

 A Bobblehead of Rendon with the mullet. Amazing. 
The game was ok. Senators won 7-4. Seeing Wilmer Difo play was cool along with Matt Skole both have potential. The Metro Bank stadium also has good beer on tap. I had Hoppy Trails an ABC Brewing company beer and a Summer Pils by Troegs both were #RallyMulletApproved.