August 29th 2017 game Rendon is POG

So I really am only going to 1 regular season game this year. And I planned to go to this game bc it was a Bryce Harper Starting Lineup figurine game. I got tickets way back in March I believe to go and sit 3rd base line front row as I truly enjoy the atmosphere down the line there. It is so much fun to sit so close near the field and have the opportunity to watch baseball so close to the players and action. It’s the pound for pound best experience of my life, sports fandom wise hands down, no joke.  Me and @danbostonboy went.  u can ask him any questions regarding the true authenticity of the events that took place during the time I stepped foot on #Nats Park and then subsequently left #Nats Park. 

Ok here we go. I will detail every event chronologically. First thing first was to get the Bryce Harper figurine giveaway. Easy enough. But there was a tropical storm that formed the day of game. Throwing the game up in air as to if it would be played on time.  or delayed. Or delayed then postponed. Luckily The gates opened at 5:00 at #Nats Park. I walked in around 5:30 and had absolutely no problem getting a figurine. A huge sigh of relief bc the Starting  Lineup figurine is awesome and #RallyMulletApproved   

Amazing isn’t it? Just like when I was a kid and went into a KMart and picked out my original Starting Lineup. Idk how many years ago that was but I got a Andre Dawson for some reason. I didn’t want the Mike Schmidt one bc he was a Phillie. Anyway back to the game. So we got the figurine and by this time all the gates were open. So we went straight to center field wall where I always go first, and walk to the very first row in center field and overlook #Nats Park for batting practice. Obviously there was no BP bc it was slightly raining so we instead walked down to the front row and saw Stras and Roark tossing a ball. We were cheering for both of them while we played catch in first row. Pretty fun actually there was no one else around and we were just tossing the ball back n forth. After a couple minutes I asked a grounds crew member of the game had been delayed yet. And he laughed Not yet. They’re taking their time. Lol. Anyway we noticed u could walk up to the players closer. Down the first base line. And I decided to check where @danbostonboy seats we at. On our way there I looked for a rally towel bc I forgot  mine.  i thought it was in my bag but it wasn’t.  but for some unknown reason #Nats Park doesn’t sell any #Nats Rally towels. Total let down. What the hell man. So we checked out his seat in section 134 and they were the same spot we wanted to walk to anyway. So we walk by the MASN recording booth area. I noticed Ray Knight going over notes and saw Mark Zuckerman. Zuck was on air or taping and when he stopped he walked by and I politely asked as much as I could if he would sign a baseball for me. He completely laughed and made a hilarious joke and we both we cracking up but I was serious I wanted his and Ray’s on a ball to add to my Rally Mullet  cave. Zuck signed the ball I said thanks it was hilarious. 
Here’s the ball:
Then I wanted to visit #TheRallyMullet ball at the Dream Foundation Wall Of Dreams. On the way there I ran into Thomas Jefferson of the #Nats Presidents. 

Got to the Wall of Dreams and I was able to find it eventually bc it moves around on wall each year. It’s at the 4th panel 2 rows in 8 rows up from bottom. The ball says Natitude 2014 #TheRallyMullet .  finally we checked the seats of @Danbostonboy The seats were around the same spot we wanted to walk to anyway to get a closer look at Stras and Roark but by the time we got there they had left. However Grace and Solis were warming up. Kid were around the seats so I stayed back a bit just cheering on the nats u know and cheering out things. and a #Nats fan asked for me to take a picture with her son. Which was actually really cool of her and I appreciated that so I did. He was a cool Nats kid fan. So then I went to the brew house to have a beer inside and it was still raining light drizzle and I figured there would be a delay. I really wanted a Mikes Hard Lemonade but the whole stadium doesn’t sell Mikes Hard. I’m not the most biggest fan of it by any means but I do like a little bang for my buck. Seeing that it’s going to cost $11 I think to me and this is just imho. But Mikes Hard Lemonade especially ponders r the best bang for buck out weighing any beer/a shot/ or a mixed drink. Anyway. So we go into bar, I get a IPA and then the game announces game will start at 7:30 first pitch. Wow. Ok it meant we had 30 minutes or so to drink. at this point I didn’t know anybody in the place but I did know @TroyChewing was at game. Low and behold the Chief Gnome himself called me while at Brew House. As Troy met up and found us the rain was coming down more than at 7:00. So being inside and at the corner of the bar to see the game start from inside bc u can stand there and watch game while inside straight away center field where the Red Porch is. So game started Me, Troy and Daniel all just watching as game is starting it’s rainy only getting worse as Marlins are up to bat. Of course Stanton gets up and as we shooting the shit he bombed a homerun dead away center field into Red Porch seats in front of us. Number 51. Dude can crank jacks out of any park anywhere in the park. CrZy. #Nats were down 1-0. Oh well who cares. Edwin Jackson was pitching it was bound to happen. Well the game was getting worse as bases were loaded. Rain was dieing down. Jackson couldn’t hold onto baseball bc of the rain. I figured they’d get a hit but some how Jax got out of the pickle. #Nats were down 1-0 after .5 inning. We decided it was time to go to our seats. Walked out rain was stopping anyway so that was good. #Nats get up and Trea Turner is up leading off. We stopped to watch him and clapped as he returned from the DL. Which is awesome. He struck out. Oh well. We split up. Thanks Troy for the hospitality at #Nats Park man you’re #RallyMulletApproved in my book. 
The inning ended 1-0 #Nats down. I headed to my seat section 112 Row A seat 9. There are 3 seats together meaning connected. Then there’s a space of fencing. Then another 3 seats connected. Usually I’ll sit in the seat I’m numbered. But for this occasion the seat to left of me was open. The seat next to it was open then there was a Marlins fan. I wanted some more space so I sat down a seat which features a better shot at foul ground balls bc the tarp is in front of the seats grouped to the right in front of where I was supposed to sit. The 2 guys sitting behind me were hilarious as were the 2 security guys working the game. Absolutely hilarious heckling by the 2 guys the whole game they must of been professional hecklers. All game he was yelling #TheRallyMullet out and just trashing the Marlins third base coach Fredi Gonzalez. As the game went on the chances of getting a ball were becoming slim to none. However the security guy was telling all of us that Rendon would eventually throw a ball into the crowd. As was the case in the T7 Rendon turned around and chucks a ball down the line which nobody could get. It bounced around and a guy who was standing there got it and threw it to a young Nats fan. Very cool of him. The T8th was when I got my chance at glory. A Marlins player was up Rojas was his name. I didn’t actually have my glove on the whole game I had in on my lap and I figured if a ball got hit my way I could quickly put the glove on and try to catch it. Well. That happened. Sort of. Rojas hit a dribbler down the line. I figured soon as he hit it I had a chance. However it was impossible to get glove on my hand quickly enough so I bent down holding the glove out by the bottom of it and barely holding onto it at that. The guy next to me who was wearing a umpire jacket and hat also bent down to try and get to it. As if in slow motion the ball dribbled past his glove and by forces unbeknownst to me rolled and I some how snow coned it! It was absolutely incredible. I some how then was able to corral the ball into webbing of my glove and lean back up and secure the ball! I swear to god! Rendon and Fredi both saw me get the ball as I pumped my fists in pure excitement. The security guy was like Oh wow! The hecklers were screaming omg #TheRallyMullet got the ball! Then the security guy was like. U got the ball and that other dude didn’t wow! He always tries to get balls and never does! I was lmao! Once I remembered that the ball was hit from a Marlin, Instead of keeping it I wanted to give it to a #Nats fan. So I turned around and was like who wants it?! Everyone was like throw it to a kid! I saw a kid and threw a strike to him. People were chanting Rally Mullet. Rally mullet. It was hilarious I was dying. Later in T9 I noticed Fredi and Rendon were talking and I swear to god Fredi turned around and looked back at me and pointed as if to say look at that  fan over there. Rendon looked back and was laughing and nodding his head like yep that’s my biggest fan. Swear to god! Anyway. As soon as the Game ended. The umpire came over to talk with that guy wearing a umpire jacket and hat and gave him a autograph. I was still putting my stuff in baggy and he sees me and says “You know you look like Rendon and the whole game I was wondering what was going on!” I was like, Seriously?! Haha! That made me lmao again. I got ready to leave only to see Screech come walking by with the sign #Nats win. I quickly asked him for a signature on my Mullet helmet. And he was awesome enough to do so. Screech is the man. Er Eagle. Lol  still the story continues. After I got Screech’s auto. I noticed the scoreboard showing highlights of game. Turns out Anthony Rendon was the POG. 2/3 with 4 RBIS. How awesome. I made way up to steps to walk out when a older #Nats fan who was watching highlights as well says to me ” pretty good game you had I’d say” I was like yeah it was man. He said I saw u throw back the ball u caught there. Good for you way to go. I said thanks I appreciate it. Not kidding you the usher standing there watching us walk up says hey I just found  a ball here. Do either of you want it? A brand new ball! I was like sure if I could I’d give it to my boy. The older guy was like ya sure let him have it. He caught a foul ball and gave it to kid he deserves it! Swear to god! That’s karma right there! Finally leaving the park me and DanBostonBoy saw Johnny holiday and Ray Knight giving the wrap of the game. We saw them and changed let’s go #Nats along with other people. He pointed out to the people next to us to motion over to come closer. So we kind of followed with them. After he talked to them I asked Ray if I could have a autograph on that brand new ball. He motioned to throw it to him and I did. He signed it and threw it back! I swear to god! How cool to have a ball thrown by a World Series MVP thrown back to you!  All in all I could not have scripted a better time. What a great day and game. Next time I ever get to go I’m going to try and see if Rendon will throw me a ball during the T7th. That would be the ultimate. 


#TheRallyMullet’s prediction on former #Nats players 2017 season

Ian Desmond-as much as I used to like cheering for the guy Desmond now heads back to the NL on his 3rd team in 2 years. After playing in Texas and making the all star team as an outfielder yes an outfielder he now signed a multi year deal  in Colorado to play. Wait for it. First base! Wow haha. This ought to be good. I can’t wait to see how many Es he makes trying to scoop up a routine dribbler.  Bill Buckner maybe? Anyway he’s seen his share of monster moon shot homers in Colorado as a #Nat but now he’s the enemy. And I don’t want to see him doing anything at all verse us. Although I shouldn’t have to worry. Bc this is guarantee to happen. After taking a monster bong rip at a local medical marijuana shop, Desmond will have no ability to see or hit the ball with any regularity which of course is not good for him but good for when he plays the #Nats 9 times this year. His numbers will dramatically diminish leaving all to wonder what happened. And yes as spiteful as that sounds it’s more of an issue I’ve had let’s call it a grudge bc as it sounds cool to say he tweeted back to me once it was to say one two letter word  after I asked if I could be the taker helmet off guy after he hit a homerun and came back into dugout. His tweet back “No.” That to me says a lot about Mr. Desmond. Yes he has a great family and values. He also has ties with the National Archivists a group of #Nats fans who are nothing but a bunch of twitter groupies if u ask me. Blah forget Desmond people he’s no longer a #Nat!

The only time I ever even played baseball in a official organized game with wooden bats,fast-pitching, and an umpire.  

For me the love for the game of baseball wasn’t won bc I played the game. It was bc I followed it by reading a news paper and Sports Ilustratws and watched it on tv religiously. when I was a kid. 
I don’t remember exactly my age when this happened.  But when I played for the first official game on a baseball field with the correct amount of players and umpires for the very first time, it was out on a farm in a field. Sort of like the field of dreams. I had to pay $80 which included a uniform in which u got to keep a hat. Which I still have. You got the uniform to wear like an old timers game. The field was called DoubleDay field. It was literally was on a farm place in Newville, Pa. I can’t find it anywhere on web now. But if u do know lmk. Anyway. Ok. So u played on this field and u had to have 9 players. So a buddy of mine and his older brothers invited me and other friends of his and mine. To make up 9/10 guys. I think we rotated players. Idk. Anyway. You also got to  meet an old time player. Yeah. It was crazy. He would play for both teams. I played there 2 years in a row in the 2000’s. Like I said idk how old exactly. But anyway. The 1 year it was an older Pittsburgh player. Can’t even remember his name. Sort of famous. Bc he played a long time. The 2nd year was a old Dodger. Brooklyn Dodgers I think crazy old guy. They  would still play tho! They would pitch on the other team or play field for different positions in beginning of game the he would sit in dugouts and watch and talk. He would warm up in outfield. I remember specifically telling him this is the very first time playing organized baseball. He started laughing. I couldn’t believe how cool it was. The other teams we beat literally did the same thing they would all pay money and get a bunch of people and play on the field. It was crazy. U were playing against just every day athletic dudes that still wanted to play baseball. Dudes were old. I wasn’t youngest guy but it was bunch of us. No idea who some of players were on the other team. I knew pretty much everyone on my team. 

  • Anyway about my at bats. I cant remember exactly how many I got. I think we only played 7 innings. And we won both time so it was technically 6.5 innings since we won both times we played. I’m going to guess the totals. And will describe each at bat as best I can.

1st game: .333 average 1/3 1B, 1 RBI 1 BB,SO,GO 1 Stolen base. 

At bat. Never ever playing baseball in any serious way. I took advice from the dude hitting in front of me. Which was my buddy’s younger brother. He was a year  younger than me. He was good at baseball. He told me to pick a light weight bat. I used that bat he used. He hit a double right before I got up. I was like nice hell yeah sweet bat for me to use. When I picked up the bat it felt nice but was super short. The pitcher wasn’t too old and he looked like he knew how to pitch. But hell I didn’t  care how fast he pitched. I just knew I was swinging for the fences and getting my money’s worth. Don’t remember what pitch number it was. But he threw something right down the middle but about knee high. I swung and lined the ball right up the middle to the pitchers left. On a hop it skipped out near second base. So I thought hell yeah nice, this is a seeing eye single up the middle gonna run to first slow bc the ball would make it to the outfielder. Nope. The bat was so light I felt it break at top of bat and cracked it. I broke it on the seeing eye single up the middle. So I was jogging then realized the bat broke and then saw the ball slowing down as soon as it hit the ground. The ball made it out past second. But the second baseman was able to slide and pick it up near outfield line grass cut. Soon as I saw that I ran as fast as I could to first and slid safely with a head first slide. The funniest thing ever. It was a bang bang play but clearly I was safe as the first baseman caught the ball. So nobody said anything. Other than my buddy screaming holy shit! Safe with a head first slide! Petey Rose style!!!! And laughing his ass off! I was like hell yeahhhhhhhhh! High fived him and stood on first base. 

To be continued…..

2017 predictions

National League Division Winners

East: #Nats 

Central: Cubs

West: Giants

WC: Pirates & Dodgers

Dodgers beat Pirates

#Nats beat Giants

Cubs beat Dodgers

#Nats beat Cubs

American League Division Winners

East: Boston

Central: Tigers

West: Astros

WC: Mariners/Yankees

Mariners beat Yankees

Boston beats Mariners

Houston beats Tigers

Boston beats Astros

World Series: #Nats beat Boston

Champions: #Nats 


The #Nats 2016 postseason starts tomorrow against Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers. And now the fun begins. Will this be a beginning to remember? That we don’t know. But we can make a difference by cheering and supporting our team when going to games. Anthony Rendon was quoted as saying the team feels when the crowd is into the games both home and on the road. So hopefully this will be a October to remember. 

Let’s go back to the last time #Nats were in the postseason. Their last glimmer of hope was a Game 4 on the road in 2014 in San Francisco. They had just got done beating Madison Bumgarner in game 3 in San Fran. Doug Foster pitched amazing. It was up to Gio to take control of the series. Well. Did he? Not really. However he did pitch well enough (seems like we always say that) to keep #Nats close. In fact we all were amazed when Bryce Harper hit a game tieing solo dong into McCovey Cove. Then we all watched in bewilderment when Matt Williams ultimately shat himself by not putting in Tyler Clippard(#Nats only AllStar that year) instead using a rookie Aaron Barrett who couldn’t even throw a strike. In fact he air mailed a ball to back stop to get an out and idk much more after that other than instead of bringing the #Nats back to DC for a game 5 the #Nats were kicked out of the playoffs. That sliver of hope was the last piece of championship pie we’ve had until tomorrow that is. And I’ll leave how I feel about this teams chances with a quote from a famous writer himself. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax.

#TheRallyMullets #Nats predictions for 2016

Let me start of by giving my 2016 predictions for the mlb. Then I’ll go into the #Nats season individually. 
AL playoffs

Division winners


Kansas City





WC round:Anaheim over Minnesota

Toronto over Anaheim 

Houston over Kansas City

Toronto over Houston 

National league playoffs 

Division winners







Pirates over Arizona

#Nats over Pittsburgh  

Chicago over LA

#Nats over Chicago 

World Series 

#Nats over Toronto 
Now here’s my #Nats predictions individual for 2016. 
Let’s remember last year the #Nats were in first place at the Allstar game by 2 games. This being managed poorly. The #Nats second half of season derailed quickly as the players couldn’t find anything to rally behind a manager who was hard to rally around to begin with. With Matt Williams clumsily misusing the bullpen and bunting in wrong situations, giving away outs, when guys should be driving them in.  it was hard to even watch sometimes the screw ups the players had to overcome. Not this year tho. Dusty Bakers philosophy of stealing bases getting more than just a couple runs mentality and letting pitching having to pitch not to have pressure on their backs will turn this season around as quick as a heartbeat. They aren’t projected to win the World Series by everybody like last year. Literally every writer picked them to win. That’s ridiculous. Now #Nats r flying under radar. The curly W will be put in the books many games this year. I’m projecting 99 wins. Best in NL. THEY WILL TAKE DOWN the Pittsburgh Pirates. They will take down the Chicago Cubs. And they will take down the Toronto Bluejays to win the World Series trophy. U can #RallyMulletApprove that my #Nats friends! 

Couple key notes on players. 

Rendon will make Allstar game after last season injury riddled campaign. He’s too good a batter not to when healthy put up great to super numbers. He was 5th in mvp votes for a reason. He and Harper are the youth along with others like MAT, trea Turner and Gioloto who will push the #Nats to the ultimate. When they are given the chance. You will see a whole new #Nats movement propel them to capture the elusive crowning achievement of a World Series that Dusty Baker so desperately is seeking.  

So long D. 

So it’s official. Denard Span is officially not a #Nat. He most recently signed with the SF Giants. Thus ends his tenure in CF for the Nationals. So I wanted to pay tribute to him by writing this blog. Here are just a few things I’ll never forget on the time he spent in DC. 
1. During #Nats fest while standing in line for a picture with Screech. Denard walked by with then manager Matt Williams. I was able to turn around and he graciously gave me a fist bump. 

2. During BP Denard caught a ball hit out to CF. turned around and tossed us a ball. It was the first ball hit out into the OF. 

3. During a meet and greet with Denard he shook our hands and introduced himself. When he came to me he said hi I’m Denard Span. I said hi. I’m #TheRallyMullet. He said. Ya I know who you are. And then signed my mullet helmet. I about lost it. Lol. 

4.  During a game Denard was playing toss in between innings. He turned into the stands and threw me a ball. I then gave that ball to a young man. 

It’s sad to know he’s gone. But I understand why things happen in baseball. In any case. Good luck D!